Jay Prescott Videography

Monster Prom 2014

Produced by: MarksterCon.com Co-Produced by: DragonFireEvents.com Music by: The Casket Creatures Video by: JayPrescott.com


Filmed on location at NETHERWORLD Haunted House 6624 Dawson Blvd Norcross, GA 30093FearWorld.com Filming and editing by: Jay Prescott Photos by: Troy Prescott

Britt Griffith at NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2014

Britt Griffith with the fine folks from Roswell Ghost Tour visited NETHERWORLD Haunted House 2014. They are super nice people. Britt Griffith is on Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International Recorded at: Netherworld Haunted...

CON*Genesis (pre-Dragon*Con Party)

Fired up for DragonCon? It’s so close you can almost taste it! Come give your cosplays a test run or dance and party with other con and scene freaks. Hosted by DJ Seraph Sponsored...


Are you ready for the 2014 Season at NETHERWOLD Haunted House? Go to http://www.fearworld.com for dates & info. video by Jay Prescott photos by Troy Prescott

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